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Ridge: Small Groups.

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Most of our small groups meet on Sunday mornings between 9:00-10:15a. If you would like to participate in a small group, see one of our greeters to help you find a small group.


Small Groups are the best way to get connected. We have several opportunities for you and your family to connect through small groups. During Small Groups, you will get to know people, invest in one another's lives, find encouragement, and study the Bible.



The purpose of Small Groups is to provide a place to discuss the Scripture’s impact and relevance to our lives. We believe that every Christian possesses valuable insights that can edify the group.

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The Book of Luke — Sundays
The Gospel of Luke depicts Jesus as one who reaches out to the marginalized and oppressed, emphasizing his ministry to the poor, the sick, and the outcasts of society. Luke highlights Jesus' teachings on love, forgiveness, and the Kingdom of God, often through parables that illustrate these concepts. The narrative follows Jesus' journey from his birth in Bethlehem to his death and resurrection in Jerusalem, spotlighting his identity as the Son of God and the fulfillment of Old Testament prophecies. Throughout the gospel, Luke brings to attention the universality of Jesus' message, welcoming all people, regardless of social status or background, into God's kingdom.
Study Series — Spring

Luke 12:13-34, April 7th

Luke 12:35-48, April 14th

Luke 12:49-59, April 21st

Luke 13:1-17, April 28th

Study Series — Summer

Luke 13:18-35, May 5th

Luke 14:1-11, May 12th

Luke 14:12-24, May 19th

Luke 14:25-35, May 26th

Luke 15:1-10, June 2nd

Luke 15:11-32, June 9th

Luke 16:1-18, June 16th

Luke 16:19-31, June 23rd

Luke 17:1-10, June 30th

Luke 17:11-37, July 7th

Luke 18:1-8, July 14th

Luke 18:9-17, July 21st

Luke 18:18-30, July 28th

Study Series — Fall

Luke 18:31-43, August 4th

Luke 19:1-27, August 11

Luke 19:28-48 August 18th

Luke 20:1-18, August 25th

Luke 20:19-47, September 1st

Luke 21:1-9, September 8th

Luke 21:10-28, September 15th

Luke 21:29-38, September 22nd

Luke 22:1-23, September 29th

Study Series — Winter

Luke 22:24-38, October 6th

Luke 22:39-53, October 13th

Luke 22:54-71, October 20th

Luke 23:1-25, 27th

Luke 23:26-56, November 3rd

Luke 24:1-12, November 10th

Luke 24:13-35, November 17th

Luke 24:36-53, November 24th

Small Groups

Our Sunday corporate gathering holds significant importance, yet part of our commitment that helps us follow Jesus and make disciples is found in the regular meeting of small groups. We encourage both our members and regular attendees to actively engage and participate in these groups to confess sin, celebrate joys, mourn together, and foster a culture of prayer and biblical understanding. Our groups are centered on biblical truth, fostering intentional community, evangelistic fervor, and growth. For information on which group would be good for you, please visit here.

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