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Jake Kersh

Jake has been in ministry for the past 13 years. He has served as a student pastor across the state of Alabama. He grew up in Adamsville, Alabama in a small mining community called Bayview. He graduated from Southeastern Bible College (2017) with a major in Bible and Theology. He attended and graduated from The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary (2022) with his Masters of Divinity. Jake has been married to Natasha since July 2014. They have two children.


He enjoys reading studying, and arguing about biblical theology, missions, and progressive covenantalism. His passion in ministry is discipling students. He thoroughly enjoys going into the backcountry to camp, hunt large animals, and catch three-inch fish in far-off places.

Jake's pastoral role at Pleasant Ridge includes: teaching, preaching, and overseeing the pastoral care of middle school and high school students, maintaining the various media of the church.

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