We Are The Church

We believe the church is not somewhere you go, it’s something you are a part of. We know that God is moving through His church here in Hueytown and around the world, and we want you to be a part of it. We believe that every follower of Christ should be doing three things at church : Loving God, Sharing Life and Serving Others. You can discover more about these three things below and you can watch Pastor Josh explain them in this video.


Worship: Loving God

Worship is something that can be done anywhere, but we believe that regular worship together with other people is vital for followers of Christ. Our worship services are exciting times filled with excellent music and practical preaching from the Bible. We ask that you come as you are and make yourself at home. You can watch past worship services on our Youtube channel.

Groups: Sharing Life

A second, important aspect of following Christ is spending time with people who can help us on our journey and who we can help. Every person has something to contribute, and life is easier to navigate when we are surrounded by friends who love us. We have small groups that meet regularly on Sunday and all throughout the week. These groups pray for one another and study the Bible together. Explore one of our groups this week. You can find out more about our groups here.


Gifts: Serving Others

God has blessed everyone with a spiritual gift. We want you to find that gift and use it for His glory. From our prayer team, to greeters, to child care. There is a place for you to serve and thrive. This service also stretches beyond the walls of the church into our community and across the world. It is not unusual to see service teams from PRBC serving in our schools or doing yard work for someone who needs help. There is plenty to do, how can you help?

Go: Giving Your Faith Away

Away from church there are several important things that followers of Christ should be doing. The most important thing we can do is give away our faith. A follower of Christ should be able to tell others why he or she follows Christ. We all have a story and we should be able to share that story with others and explain our faith. 
You can hear other people’s story by visiting I am Second on Youtube.
You can learn how to share your faith by listening to this sermon by Pastor Josh.

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