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About our Music Ministry

Welcome to the Music Ministry of Pleasant Ridge Baptist Church! We are thankful you have landed on our page and hope you will receive not only information but be blessed as you camp out here with us for a time.

Worship, most of the time, is considered by many to be a song sung or played in a worship service setting. The biblical meaning of worship, however, goes much deeper. The best summary definition of worship I have seen is:

Biblical worship is an act of exalting God in a place of honor and reverence because He is worthy. Worship is acknowledging the greatness of God both publicly and privately. Whether public or private, worship may include physical expressions of praise, reverence, and humility. Worship admits that God deserves all our devotion and service because He is so far greater than anyone or anything else.

“How can I become involved in corporate worship?” The best way to become involved in corporate worship is to let your worship begin at home and while you’re away from campus. Corporate worship is the collective outpouring of our hearts to God for the things He has done in our lives during the week before we gather. Then, when we gather, we pour our hearts out before Him in gratitude and praise for who He is and what He has done.

“How can I become involved in worship leadership?” Worship Leadership is serving on the platform either in the choir, vocal team, praise band, or orchestra. One must possess a deep love for God, the willingness to commit to a rehearsal schedule, and the desire to be used by God to lead others to worship Him. Certain leadership positions require the ability to read music, play instruments or sing solos. Solos and instrumentalists are by audition only. Please see Paul to schedule your audition.

Pleasant Ridge Choir is open to anyone age 14 or older who can rehearse and learn the music we do. You DO NOT have to be a soloist to be in the choir. We rehearse at 7 PM on Wednesdays in the Sanctuary and cordially invite you to attend. You will find we are a loving, fun group and a place where you will enjoy serving. Our music is varied in style, and you will most certainly find it enjoyable as every song we do lifts up the Name of our Lord and Savior.

Tech Ministry Team is open to anyone age 14 and older who has the desire to learn proper techniques of video production, sound engineering, live sound production, and live stream delivery. This is an integral role and requires folks who are committed to excellence in all we do. Please see Paul if you are interested in becoming part of our Tech Ministry Team.

Contact Information for our Music Ministry is:

Paul Armstrong 

(205) 491-3771

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