Frequently Asked Questions 


How do I need to dress?


     Come as you are. Most of the people at the service will be dressed casually. You will feel welcomed.


How long do services last?

     Our morning service will usually last between 60 and 90 minutes. Wednesday Nights typically run 45 to 60 minutes

What type of music should I expect?


     Worship at Pleasant Ridge is God honoring.  Before we address any concerns about a particular style we strive to first honor Christ in corporate worship.  However, our music style is generally “blended.”  By that we mean, we sing the best songs from every generation and choose music based on its content rather than its style. . 

What about my children?
      There are appropriate activities for every member of the family. At PRBC, we have committed to provide the highest quality youth and children’s programs around. We strive to partner with parents to train and nurture children and youth. We will do everything we can to provide a safe place filled with loving people who will help you in your efforts to raise up a young man or woman who loves God and understands how He has equipped them to live out their faith as adults.

Is there any pressure for a first time visitor?


     Hopefully, when you leave PRBC you will realize that you were valued and loved by our congregation.  You will be asked to fill out a visitor card (in the church bulletin) but you can certainly decline that invitation without feeling pressured.  We don’t want you to feel pressured by asking you to fill out a card or by a church member talking with you before the service starts.  We do those things because we simply want to get to know you.  You are important to us and we want to help you in any way we can.


I haven’t exactly lived a moral lifestyle in my past will I fit in?

     At Pleasant Ridge we believe in God’s love for humanity regardless of the past. We believe in His redemptive power to heal and transform broken lives. We also believe in God’s saving grace. At Pleasant Ridge, you will meet many men and women like you – who came searching and eventually found a place they could call home.
     Look, the truth is, we have all fallen short of God’s law.  Everyone of us has failed to live a perfectly moral life.  But morals are not the aim or target.  Sure they are “great” and many people may applaud a good moral life.  However, the best moral life will still leave you separated from God for all eternity.  Our aim or target in life should be Jesus Christ!  And that is our primary concern at PRBC, showing you Jesus.  We’re not about condemning you for your past.  We want to reveal the future God has promised you.  

  I don’t particularly like religious organization, why should I want to come to a service?

    We are not perfect but in every way we can we aim to be ambassadors of Christ and His love. The vibrant and loving atmosphere at Pleasant Ridge will show you that we are interested in building relationships and godly character. Our worship is great, the preaching of God’s word is powerful, and the sense of community is real. What is most important to us is the Gospel of Jesus, expressed daily through the lives of members of our congregation.  Maybe it sounds cliché but it’s true, Christianity is not about a religion; it is about a relationship with Jesus Christ!

  Is it really necessary to come to church?  Can I not just simply pray and meditate on my own?

   The vitality of Christianity is experienced in communion with other believers, through meaningful fellowship, vibrant worship and hearing God’s Word preached. We see through life of the apostles and believers in the early Church that Christianity was never a private matter. Rather, it was and still is a communal celebration of God’s love and saving grace.