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Question 1

Acts 16:25-40 reveals God's presence in the lives of Paul and Silas, prisoners, and the Philippian Jailor. How do you see God's presence in each of these people(s)?

Question 3

The jailor was on the brink of suicide because he thought his prisoners had escaped. At his very lostest, he turns to Paul (one of his prisoners) for advice. How did Paul use this situation to show the jailor the Gospel?

Questions 5

How can God use life's circumstances to show sinners hope and to respond to it?

Question 2

What is surprising about Paul and Silas' response to their current situation (i.e., think about how they came to be in jail)?

Question 4

After all that happened, the jailor believed in the Lord Jesus, was saved, and baptized. As a result of the jailor's salvation, his family believed and was baptized too. What does this tell us about how the Gospel affects the jailor's life?

Question 6

How can you use this passage to share the Gospel with something this week?

The Ridge Discussion Guide

These discussion guides are designed to give you opportunities to discuss the deep truths of the Gospel with those around you. It is our hope that you can use these questions to have genuine conversations with others about doctrine, the Christian life, and how the truths of the Gospel can be applied in the real world.

Acts 16:25-40

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