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Question 1

Compare and Contrast the responses to the Gospel from the city of Thessalonica (Acts 17:1-9) and the city of Berea (Acts 17:10-15).

Question 3

This passage teaches us about how people come to a saving faith in Jesus. What are 2-4 ways that you see this passage showing us how people come to hear the Gospel?

Questions 5

At the end of this passage, it reveals something significant about someone's conversion. What is important to note about how the city responded to these new converts to Christianity?

Question 2

What is the biggest difference in how the people from Thessalonica and Berea responded to the Scriptures (i.e., the Gospel)?

Question 4

Why do you think the people spent days examining what Paul preached before believing?

Question 6

How can you use this passage to point others to the Gospel?

The Ridge Discussion Guide

These discussion guides are designed to give you opportunities to discuss the deep truths of the Gospel with those around you. It is our hope that you can use these questions to have genuine conversations with others about doctrine, the Christian life, and how the truths of the Gospel can be applied in the real world.

Acts 17:10-15

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