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Question 1

Paul visited a synagogue in Thessalonica. While he was there he spend three days reasoning with them about the necessity of Jesus suffering and resurrection. In the Christian worldview, why was/is it necessary for Jesus to resurrect?

Question 3

What does Acts 17:1-9 show us about evangelism?

Questions 5

How can Acts 17:1-9 help others trust in the Gospel?

Question 2

Similarly, why was it necessary that Jesus had to suffer? (Additionally, how did Jesus suffer?)

Question 4

How can we learn from Paul about persuading others to the Gospel?

Question 6

What are 2-4 ways this passage helps you see the hope of the Gospel?

The Ridge Discussion Guide

These discussion guides are designed to give you opportunities to discuss the deep truths of the Gospel with those around you. It is our hope that you can use these questions to have genuine conversations with others about doctrine, the Christian life, and how the truths of the Gospel can be applied in the real world.

Acts 17:1-9

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