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Question 1

Have you ever felt lonely? If so, how did you feel?

Question 3

In Acts 18:5, 6, Paul is opposed and reviled for telling others about Jesus. What do you think was going through Paul's mind as others aggressively opposed him?

Questions 5

What role did the Gospel play in the life and ministry of Paul during his time in the city of Corinth?

Question 2

Paul traveled to the city of Corinth. Take a few minutes and see what you can find about the people of Corinth.

Question 4

In the midst of the opposition and persecution, what do you think encouraged Paul to continue on his mission to make disciples in Corinth?

Question 6

How can this passage be used to share the Gospel with someone?

The Ridge Discussion Guide

These discussion guides are designed to give you opportunities to discuss the deep truths of the Gospel with those around you. It is our hope that you can use these questions to have genuine conversations with others about doctrine, the Christian life, and how the truths of the Gospel can be applied in the real world.

Acts 18:1-17

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