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Question 1

Have you ever been put in a situation where you had to speak in front of a large crowd? What was going through your mind as you prepared?

Question 3

Paul outlines the Gospel to the Aeropagus. How would you summarize his outline (1. God as creator, (2) mankind's sin, (3) call to repentance, (4) God as judge)?

Questions 5

Why is it important to see God as both Creator and Judge?

Question 2

Paul is before the Aeropagus because of his teaching of Jesus and the resurrection. Why were these topics interesting to the Athenians (go back and look through Acts 17:16-21)?

Question 4

What are your thoughts on Paul's usage of this outline?

Question 6

How can this passage be used to share the Gospel with someone?

The Ridge Discussion Guide

These discussion guides are designed to give you opportunities to discuss the deep truths of the Gospel with those around you. It is our hope that you can use these questions to have genuine conversations with others about doctrine, the Christian life, and how the truths of the Gospel can be applied in the real world.

Acts 17:22-34

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